October 29, 2015


Another Regressive Tax is Wrong for New Yorkers

  • A tax on plastic and paper retail bags will hurt New York’s most vulnerable citizens –communities of color, working class families, and fixed-income seniors. 
  • New York City small businesses – the lifeblood of our local economy – already grapple with enough red tape. More burdensome regulations coming from City Hall will only make business harder and add to unnecessary administrative costs.

A Plastic Bag Tax is Not a Priority for New York Residents

  • Local surveys continue to confirm that New Yorkers want their Council Members to focus on policies that reduce homelessness, create jobs, keep housing affordable, and strengthen public education.
  • Most New Yorkers are more likely to support a recycling education campaign over City Hall schemes that take hard earned dollars out of their pocketbooks.
  • A plastic bag tax would kill jobs. Close to 2,000 local working families rely on the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling sector for their livelihoods. These policies put people out of work.


Plastic Bags are Reusable AND Recyclable

  • Plastic bags are 100% recyclable and highly reused - more than 90% of consumers reuse plastic retail bags as wastebasket liners, lunch totes, or picking up pet waste, among many other uses. 
  • There are plastic bag collection bins in grocery retailers across New York City, allowing easy access to plastic bag recycling for New Yorkers.

New York City’s Antiquated Recycling Infrastructure

  • New York City’s recycling center (Sims) currently lacks the basic machinery to effectively recycle plastic bags.
  • Investing in this basic technology would save jobs and protect vulnerable New Yorkers from frivolous fines and fees.
  • The plastic bag industry already utilizes this technology to tremendous success and recycles millions of pounds of plastic bags each year.

For more information, please visit www.BagtheTaxNYC.com